php aspect mock

最近在研究 aspect mock.

  1. 文件有提到:
    appDir defines the root of web application which is being tested. All classes outside the root will be replaced with the proxies generated by AspectMock. By default it is a directory in which vendor dir of composer if located. If you don’t use Composer or you have custom path to composer’s vendor’s folder, you should specify appDir.
    意思是如果 你 include 要 mock 的 dir 不在 appDir  底下.
  2. 如果你要 mock 的 class method 是繼承來的.
    class 本身沒有去 override parent method.
    那麼 parent class 也要在 include path 裡面.
  3. 由於 asspect mock 是利用蓋掉已經註冊進去 spl autoload 的 composer ClassLoader
    把它換成自己的, 所以像是 php 內建 Memcached 這種,